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For the next 2 weeks Our Website Will be Adding Our New Products and Color Changes.

We have Double Handle Leashes for All Size Pups. X Large to Tiny Pullers. Also,

Double Dog Leashes for All Size Pups.  Dog Leashes For Walking 3 or 4  Medium and Small

size Pups. If You Don't See Something you Have seen at one of our Events or a Friend is

using For the Pups, Please Feel Free to contact me.

conneckapup@comcast .net


Just listen to what people are saying...


"These leashes put the fun back into dog walking."

"They work great with the smallest to the largest of breeds."

"Every dog deserves a walk...why not do it in style."

"These leashes are so strong and durable, they will never let you down."


It is our mission to supply you with a leash that will provide you and your dog a lifetime of cheerful walks! We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate the smallest to the largest pups around town.


Please Check Out Our Events PageTo Find Out When Conneck-A-Pup will Be Leashing Near You.

Designs for Walking Multiple Dogs and Collars Too .

We Welcome You and your Pup to Come Out and Take a Leash on a Test Drive.


 Wishing Everyone Many Happy Walks Together !



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All leashes are hand made in America.
They are strong, reliable, shock absorbing and colorful.
The designs are unique and unrivaled.
Conneck-A-Pup’s mission is to make every dog walk easy, stylish and most of all fun!