Pups Come Alive With Color

"The purest & most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most."

~ John Ruskin



REDS:  strong, sporty, powerful, energetic and provocative

PINK:  happy, sweet, friendly and youthful

BROWNS:  rich, wholesome, rustic, and down-to-earth

 ORANGES:  friendly, fun, inviting, stimulating and energizing

YELLOWS:  intelligent, happy, warm, sunny, playful and cheerful

GREENS:  refreshing, healthy, soothing, relaxing and natural

BLUES:  cool, creative, intelligent, soothing and serene

AQUAMARINE:  peaceful, wise, secretive and tranquil

PURPLES:  luxurious, magical, mysterious, and prestigious

WHITES:  pure, clean, positive, and innocent

BLACKS:  powerful, elegant, formal, mysterious, and prestigious


Colors have deep subliminal and symbolic meanings that can affect you and your dogs lifestyle. So be BOLD...be WILD...be COLORFUL and have your dog styling in no time!



Get Connected With CONNECK-A-PUP

All leashes are hand made in America.
They are strong, reliable, shock absorbing and colorful.
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 Conneck-A-Pup’s mission is to make every dog walk easy, stylish and most of all fun!