About Us

Conneck-A-Pup is a family owned and operated small business started by Kathy and Michael Glenn in 2009. Being long time dog owners we have always relished the times spent walking with our dogs. After owning several other leashes, we could never find the perfect match to accommodate our dog's personality, provide functionality, and that was comfortable for us and our pups. It was then that we made it our mission to construct the finest dog leashes by combining functionality, durability, comfort, and most of all style. All of our dog leashes are hand crafted using only the strongest of materials. We take great pride in all of our designs and truely hope they provide you with the ultimate dog walking experience. Our leashes are also wonderful training tools because they can be made to any length and are very durable even against those aggressive chewers. Every year hundreds of dogs find their way to area shelters simply because they are too difficult to handle...we hope our leashes will handle and help train even the most forceful dogs so they don't suffer a similar fate. So please give our leashes a try you will not be disappointed.