Frequently Asked Questions

Are the leashes available in other colors?
Yes, however some colors are limited editions (special orders are available)

How can you clean the leash?

Use a non toxic mild soap, dish detergent in a warm bucket of water then hang to dry. If just a spot of dirt you can wipe it off with a clean cloth of soap and water.

What colors are available?

Our designer leashes come in many brilliant colors chosen to compliment and help express your pups personality. The color you choose for your leash really does make a difference in accenting your Dogs color.

When choosing your leash, here are the meanings of the colors we offer:

REDS:  excitement, high energy and provocative
PINKS:  happy, sweet and youthful
ORANGES:  friendly, inviting and energizing
YELLOWS:  warm, sunny and cheerful
BROWNS:  rich, rustic and earthy
GREENS: refreshing, soothing and natural
BLUES: cool, soothing and serene
PURPLE: magic, mystery and royalty
AQUAMARINE: peace, wisdom and serenity

What is your Return Policy?

All Conneck-A-Pup products are quality checked against defects before shipping.

Conneck-A-Pup apologizes but will not accept the return of any product(s) for safe hygiene.

What makes your leashes different than other leashes?

First, our leashes are all American and hand crafted with top of the line materials, not machine made.  We make them in all different designs, sizes and colors for you to choose a leash for your pup.  We don’t believe one size fits all. Custom ordering is also available.

Second, The strength of our leashes are incredible. Conneck-A-Pup Basic and Conneck-A-pup Double Handle leashes have a break strength of 2700 lbs and the solid brass connectors of 330 lbs. ”Look at me” has a break strength of 200 lbs and “Don’t Get Stuck On Me“ of 150 lbs.

Third, their shock absorbing capabilities and comfort are unbelievable. Our leashes do not dig into your hand like a regular leash if your dog were to pull or tug on their leash. The leashes easily grip your hands like a glove, soft to the touch and very lightweight.

Fourth, they are all about control and safety for you and your pup.