Decorated "Don’t get stuck on me" , Yellow, Blue, Green

Don't get stuck on me Spiral leash.  Decorated.

A captivating brilliant easy held spiraling leash made to not get stuck under your dog legs. The corkscrew design allows easy walking especially for dogs with short legs and walking multple small dogs.

A sensational  look with Hollywood appeal,  lightweight, very comfortable, easy gripping wowed with brite color and one of a kind.

A spiral (curls upwards) easy held exotic leash made to not get stuck under your dogs legs.

A fancifully, classy, stylish designer leash with an upspin. Decorated with flowers, beads, ribbons etc. For a special occasion or just simply "Look at me".  Dazzling, glamorous and extravagantly decorated spiraling leash. Decorated Leashes subject to Change.  Please contact us if you need one designed for your special occasion.   

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